Cuerpos en lucha, derechos en disputa

Struggling Bodies, Disputed Rights

“Fundamentalism takes root and bears fruit in systems of social inequality,” and this inequality has been abetted by several historical characteristics, such as the centralization of public services in metropolitan areas at the expense of peripheral rural areas, the racial geopolitics that marks the Caribbean lowlands as a region for resource extraction that benefits the Pacific region, and the low levels of education in most of the isthmus, which often hinder people’s discernment and consequently foster breeding grounds for indoctrination.

Mujeres hondureñas crean un tejido solidario ante el extractivismo

Women’s Struggle against Extractivism in Honduras

Betty Vásquez Rivera, an indigenous Lenca feminist, serves as coordinator in Movimiento Ambientalista Santa Barbarense (MAS) de Mujeres por la Vida in Honduras. Her analysis and reflections, which are presented below, focus on the impacts of COVID-19 and hurricanes Eta and Iota, defenders’ struggle against the construction of large-scale projects that are presented as economic and development alternatives, and the Honduran government’s lack of response to recent natural disasters.

Sexualidades en deconstrucción

Sexualities in Deconstruction

When we talk about sexuality, the power and autonomy of our bodies should not be limited. Sexuality – or better yet, sexualities – are plural, broad, and they constantly challenge us to rediscover our most intimate desires.