Justice and Sustainability

Las mujeres organizadas tienen la llave de la justicia económica en Guatemala

Organized women hold the key to economic justice in Guatemala

Feminist economics seeks to reduce the gender gap and the labor and economic inequality experienced by women. It is a comprehensive perspective that recognizes that the systems we inhabit are not set up to meet everyone’s needs. Feminist economics is both a political commitment that questions classical, hegemonic economics and an invitation to rethink domestic, care, productive and reproductive work, which have traditionally fallen to women.

Mujeres hondureñas crean un tejido solidario ante el extractivismo

Women’s Struggle against Extractivism in Honduras

Betty Vásquez Rivera, an indigenous Lenca feminist, serves as coordinator in Movimiento Ambientalista Santa Barbarense (MAS) de Mujeres por la Vida in Honduras. Her analysis and reflections, which are presented below, focus on the impacts of COVID-19 and hurricanes Eta and Iota, defenders’ struggle against the construction of large-scale projects that are presented as economic and development alternatives, and the Honduran government’s lack of response to recent natural disasters.